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Heat Forming™

Why does Everlast Heat Form? Cracks allow moisture, which is often contaminated by atmospheric pollutants, to penetrate the protective surfcae of the coating, and cause the substrate to rust or corrode. In fact, the fracture in the paint can cause a painted panel to corrode at a faster rate than an unpainted panel. At the point when the paint film has been opened, electrochemical cells are established which will promote greater and faster corrosive attack. The result is accelerated corrosion at these areas because of their tendency to remain wet longer.


Photos show how Everlast's Heat Forming™ panel outlasts the competitor's panel. The Heat Formed™ panel creates a paint system that is more flexible and therefore better able to withstand the rigors of the forming process. The paint coverage is not compromised and the result is an outstanding barrier protection. This barrier protection prevents corrosion by isolating the steel form.

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